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Company & Business Law In Surrey

CB IconWhether you are buying, operating, or selling a business, Manthorpe Law Offices can help you achieve your business and financial goals.

We work with individuals and families, partnerships and joint ventures, trade organizations and professional associations, established businesses and early-stage entrepreneurs. We represent corporations operating businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries and professions.

Our Company and Business Law practice in Surrey offers a wide range of services to assist with starting,   operating,    reorganizing or selling your business:

Starting services include establishing a new business as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, purchasing an existing business through assets, shares or a franchise, and financing the business to get it started.

Operating services include preparation of employment contracts and service agreements, negotiation and structuring of commercial transactions with your clients or suppliers, maintenance of your corporation, advising and implementing secured loans when your business borrows money to operate or loans money to clients buying your goods or services, referrals to specialists who will protect your business' intellectual property through trademarks and copyrights, and working with your accountant to move income from the business into your hands in a tax-efficient manner.

Reorganizing services include advising, structuring and implementing mergers and acquisitions as your business grows, restructuring your business to bring on new employees, partners or shareholders, and preparing your business for sale or transition to family in a tax-efficient manner as you move toward retirement.

Selling services include referrals to business brokers who will market your business to get the best price and most favorable terms, preparation of your business for sale, working with your accountant to prepare and implement a tax structure for the sale, drafting the contract of sale, and working with the buyer's lawyer to complete the sale and ensure you receive the proceeds promptly.

Our Company and Business Law practice in Surrey includes our Corporate Records Department. We:

  1. maintain nearly 500 companies which are actively operating businesses or holding investments for their owners
  2. ensure that the companies remain current with all legal filings and are "in good standing" with the Corporate Registry of BC and Corporations Canada
  3. monitor legislative and regulatory changes that might impact your business so we can advise you of new business opportunities or tax savings when they arise.

Here are some examples of work we recently handled for clients through our Company & Business Law practice:

  • Helped a new entrepreneur to incorporate a company, arrange employment agreements for new key staff, conclude a lease for business premises, and draft standard form contracts for the business
  • Purchased a well-established accounting firm through an asset purchase by a new corporation
  • Leased office space to a dentist in the Fraser Valley
  • Financed the acquisition of equipment for an industrial manufacturing client with sales throughout the world

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