Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

RE IconManthorpe Law Offices can help you achieve your real estate goals. Our Real Estate Law practice provides a wide range of services for businesses and individuals to assist them with buying, selling, leasing, financing and developing? real estate.

We act for owners, property investors and developers, property lenders (such as financial institutions and private lenders), insurance companies, office and retail landlords, tenants, builders, owners and managers of hospitality properties, and developers of commercial, multi-residential and mixed-use properties. Our focus is on risk management, the protection of positive relationships, and successful business outcomes.

Buying services include structuring the purchase as an individual, trust, corporation or joint venture, negotiating the terms of the purchase, writing the contract of purchase and sale, investigating the property through due diligence, advising on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Property Transfer Tax (PTT) you will pay at the time of purchase, insuring your purchase through title insurance, and registering the title transfer at the BC Land Title Office.

Selling services include advising on the merits of an asset sale versus a share sale for commercial properties, negotiating the terms of the sale, signing the sale documents, receiving the sale proceeds from the buyer and clearing any financial charges from title at the BC Land Title Office.

Leasing services include assistance for landlords and tenants of commercial or residential properties, reviewing existing leases to help you understand your rights and obligations, recommending and implementing changes to anticipate potential issues that may arise during the tenancy, negotiating and writing new leases, filing leases at the BC Land Title Office, and representing buyers and sellers of leased properties.


Services for Borrowers include referring borrowers to banks, credit unions or private lenders, explaining the terms of your financing, preparing, reviewing and signing documents for secured loans, filing and discharging mortgages at the BC Land Title Office, filing and discharging financing statements at the BC Personal Property Registry, receiving money from banks, credit unions or private lenders and disbursing the proceeds.

Services for Lenders include advising on appropriate security requirements, preparing security documents (including mortgages and security agreements), arranging for signing of security documents, ensuring that security is perfected through registration of mortgages at the BC Land Title Office or financing statements at the BC Personal Property Registry, assisting with due diligence and removal of existing financial charges, and referring to other service providers for assistance with foreclosures and collections.


We work on projects at various stages of development, from start-up to leasing and sale. Our legal services in the real estate development area include:

  • Property Purchase & Sale
  • Financing (Residential and Commercial)
  • Development, Land Use, Rezoning & Subdivision requirements
  • Investment Properties & Joint Ventures
  • Mixed Use, Multi-Residential & Condominium Projects

Here are some examples of work we recently handled for clients through our Real Estate Law practice:

  • Purchased a home for a young family
  • Secured a loan for a private lender on a multi-million dollar ranch property
  • Sold an apartment building for an investor
  • Transmitted title to the family home from the deceased to the Estate Representative
  • Leased an industrial space for a manufacturing client
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