Tax Law


cb law iconTax is a part of everyday life for all of us - individuals and businesses.  Tax advice helps with the challenges of complying with increasingly complex legislation regarding income tax, GST, PST and property transfer tax.  Tax advice may also be needed for estates, family, real estate, and labour matters.

We work with people, whether in their personal capacity or with respect to their business, to minimize their tax burden while achieving their goals.  When disputes arise, we represent and help guide our clients through what is often an intimidating process.

Our Tax practice can assist taxpayers in many ways, including with some of the following common issues:

Taxpayer Representation

We can help deal with the Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") if  it issues a Notice of Reassessment to a taxpayer and can appeal to the Tax Court of Canada, if necessary.

Succession Planning

When a parent wants to transfer the growth and control of a business to his or her children, a well-crafted succession plan necessarily involves immediate and future tax considerations.


There can be significant tax issues on a death of an individual and proper planning can minimize the final tax bill and ensure that the estate has the necessary funds to satisfy the tax liability.

Buy/Sell a Business

There are important tax differences between a sale of a business by way of "shares" or by "assets".  The type of business structure to be used for the transaction and for operation of the business should also be considered from a tax perspective.

Corporate Reorganization

There are many reasons why a business needs to be reorganized and the ways to do it may yield (or solve) potential tax traps for a taxpayer.

Tax in Other Areas of Law

Tax issues often arise in family law, such as in a separation agreement, or labour law, such as how to structure a compensation payment.  Any time that it is proposed to transfer cash or property, parties should consider possible tax consequences.

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