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WETP IconIf you have amassed some measure of personal wealth or if you are the owner of a business, a Will provides you with the ability to preserve your wealth and ensure its smooth transition from one generation to the next. When you need a professional to provide legal advice and direction, choose the Wills and Estates lawyers in Surrey from Manthorpe Law Offices.

When a person dies with assets (bank accounts, real estate, investments, etc.), someone must be appointed to transfer the assets to the beneficiaries. If there is a Will, that person is identified as an Estate Representative (formerly known as an "Executor"). Without a Will, an application has to be made to Court to appoint an Estate Representative (formerly known as an "Administrator") and, until that appointment, most estate assets cannot be managed. If no one is willing or able to make that application, the Public Guardian and Trustee gets involved.

Manthorpe Law Offices has helped hundreds of clients to determine how best to protect and transfer their assets and to ensure those wishes are properly documented through an effective Will. We have also assisted with the implementation of many of the plans provided in Wills and other planning documents.

Our Services in this area include:

  • Drafting Wills, Trust Agreements, Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Representation Agreements
  • Creation and management of various kinds of Trusts
  • Addressing the issues concerning "special needs" beneficiaries
  • Advising on uses of life and other insurance
  • Minimizing taxes, including income taxes and estate administration costs
  • Documenting charitable gifts
  • Developing succession plans for family businesses
  • Assisting with Estate Administration

Many of our services in this area are provided for a fixed fee, allowing for predictability of cost.

Sample Wills, Estates and Trusts situations:

  1. Clients have minor children and need to ensure that, if the parents die before the children all reach 19, the Estate will provide for appropriate management of those funds.
  2. Clients have an adult "special needs" child. They want to provide for the child under their Will, of course, but also want to ensure that any government benefits the child is receiving are not jeopardized and that the inheritance will not be squandered.
  3. An elderly husband has recently been diagnosed with early stage dementia or a terminal condition. He wants to ensure, through appropriate planning and by providing his wife with Power of Attorney and appointment as his Representative for Healthcare decisions, that his wife can manage his affairs while he is alive and that she will be taken care of after his death.
  4. Trusts may be used to protect the interest of a minor child, a spouse, a special needs beneficiary, a wealthy person with deteriorating health, to maintain secrecy, and to ensure assets pass "outside" an estate for tax or creditor reasons.
  5. A couple is in a second marriage where the wife has no children and the husband has three adult children from a prior marriage. The couple would like to know their options for managing and distributing their assets after the first one of them dies and how assets are again to be managed when the second one of them dies.

If you would like to learn more from our Wills and Estates lawyers in Surrey, please contact our team today. We look to provide workable solutions by providing advice and direction using clear language. Before you make a decision, we encourage you to learn more about our team.


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